In the heart of Devonport is a community hub - where markets are held and people meet - it’s here that you’ll find the Southern Wild Distillery.



Multi Palate Gin

Southern Wild Distillery


Although the still, bar, lounge and bottling facilities are all in the Devonport site, I feel that Southern Wild would call a much broader location ‘home’. That’s because the main ingredients are sourced (and at times, hand picked) throughout the North West. Upon entry you’ll see the array of uniquely crafted gins lining the wall behind the wooden bar all surrounded by green life.

Mountain, Ocean and Meadow Gins make up the feature range and it’s not too hard to imagine where the botanicals are sourced, with an abundance of each throughout the area.

Southern Wild have managed to create something quite special here and you’ll find evidence of it captured in every bottle: a multi palated gin. Make sure to ask the distiller George about it upon your visit and he’ll speak of his time in France and his ‘one of a kind’ still that has been replicated into a full sized commercial still (one that George uses himself here at the distillery and another designed for a popular Tasmanian whiskey distillery down the state).

Trial and taste the various other gins throughout the range like Saffron or Strawberry and ask about the ‘Southern Wild Experience’ while you’re in.



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