On the southern end of the Tasting Trail you’ll find a small community overlooking the Great Western Tiers. It’s here in Deloraine that Red Brick Road have set up it’s brewery and distillery.



Fresh Perspective

Red Brick Road


Placed on the western side of the Meander River this brewery overlooks the lush parks and picnic areas of the picturesque town.

Walking into the former mechanical shop, now operating with a very different purpose, you’ll see a botanical garden, drinking benches and an old Mini Minor (which is an operating bar on certain days) branded under the brewer’s name. Within the old workshop, along with the brown leather lounge and record player, is a bar showcasing the specialty ciders and gin.

They bring an unique style to the cider making process, utilising former skills acquired from distilling wine in the Tamar region and put to use on a range of still and sparkling brews. Behind the bar is a bronze still, highlighting another side of the producers specialty list.

Together, Hell’s Gates Gin and Red Brick Road give you a whole lot to trial as you either enter or exit the Trail region.



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