Along the West Tamar Highway you’ll find a little town called Exeter. Near the centre of town stands a little honey shop amongst lush bee gardens and honey inspired displays, welcome to Honey Tasmania.



The Bee Hive

Honey Tasmania


Upon arrival to ‘The Bee Hive’ you’ll walk around a metal facade with a cutout - of a beehive hanging from a tree - from ageing metal sheets, backed with bright yellow acrylic, glowing bright from the filtering light.

The shop boasts a high ceiling with light beaming through and a beautiful display of golden honey placed on uniquely carved wooden shelving made from old beehives. Coloured variations of the golden necture, deep dark runny liquids and lightly toned, thick, creamy textures. To your left is a display of working bees busying themselves within their glass beehive in the wall.

Be sure to ask about the different varients as you try some of the flavours on the tasting table. Each type travelling so far to get to this stage. Honey Tasmania also showcases the many uses of honey with plenty of products on offer, mead, healthy honey energy drinks, books, snacks, candles and many more. Go for a stroll through the bee gardens too, where you can find the bees throughout the flowers or sit down with something sweet.



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