Ever wanted to taste something Tasmanian but it wasn’t in season? Or wanted a tasty snack but don’t want to lug a full platter around? Or perhaps need a vibrant and delicious accompanying ingredient to garnish a drink or snack? Forager Foods are the solution.



Freeze Dried Flavours of Tasmania

Forager Foods

Red Hills

Forager Foods are placed just out of Deloraine, near the southern end of the Tasting Trail - the work they do is slightly different to the rest of the producers and is every bit as tasty.

Forager Food freeze-dry all kinds of fruit and foods, producing whole fruits, blended flavours, meals, powders and send them out for the world to experience. You’ll find a whole range of great Tassie produce freeze-dried and ready to eat in their store, taste the flavours just as if they were picked fresh. The way that they process means that everything (nutrition and flavour) remains in the product, all except for the moisture, creating a delicious and long lasting food that barely weighs a thing!

As you’ll be driving around the trail, this is a must stop shop for all your travelling hunger. Learn all about their process and try plenty of samples upon your visit.



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